PTA's Listen to the Music Program

Masterpiece Music's "Listen! to the Music" is a new PTA music program introduced to Silver Mesa in 2015 and is taught in all grades (Kindergarten through 5th).

The program is taught every other month in conjunction with Masterpiece Art. The goals of the program are to:

  • Introduce students to the joy of listening to music (instrumental, vocal, classical, contemporary, etc.)
  • Introduce various instrument families to students. Allow students to hear instruments from each of these families.
  • Provide listening activities that allow students to hear music examples of each family.
  • Provide listening activities that allow students to identify what instruments they hear.
  •  Introduce students to a myriad of composers.

You can download the lesson plans for each grade, as well as download all the individual music files to listen to at home!!

Click here to learn more about this fantastic program and to access the lesson plans and music.

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