January 2016


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The Eagle's Nest January PTA newsletter is now available

The Eagle's Nest January PTA newsletter is now available to view and download!
Please click here to view and download the newsletter for January.
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A Few of Our Supporters!

Here are a few of our supporters:

In my ten years as a teacher at Silver Mesa, I have always felt the support of the PTA in our school. We can always count on them to support the teachers in anything we need and often they go above and beyond our expectations. We know that we will always have great meals during parent teacher conferences. They use their earnings from the book fair to get books in the classrooms and library. We have parents willing to give of their time and talents to teach Masterpiece Art and other activities in the classroom. We know we can count on our room moms to plan amazing parties and just let us sit back and enjoy. Teacher appreciation week and other monthly treats show us that we are appreciated. PTA has always been there for the teachers of Silver Mesa.

PTA is first and foremost about the kids. I see the effect they have on the students all the time. The Reflections program, the Box Top prizes, the bike rodeos, carnivals, Red Ribbon Week and a million other activities that are aimed at giving back to the students and making their experience at Silver Mesa the best possible. These are some of the memories of elementary school that these students will hold onto for the rest of their lives. I know our students have benefited from PTA for more things than they even know.

For me, PTA is all about support. I know they support the teachers and they support the staff and they support the students most of all. I know that these parents and leaders are only a phone call or email away and will jump at the chance to help out. I have called on them on a number of occasions to plan parties, activities or help out at a moment's notice and have yet to be disappointed. I believe in PTA and the support they receive from a state and national organization. It's important to have those resources at hand to call upon when the need arises. I love having a supportive principal to listen to me when I have a question and I know she has had to call on her superiors before to get answers for some of them. It's nice to know she has those resources at hand. PTA is the same thing. They know that if they need to get support from outside the school, it is there for them. I truly believe it takes a village and more to teach and raise kids. It's nice to know that our students and teachers have a national organization that is looking out for them. I support PTA and all that it stands for. ”
Mr. Nelson, Silver Mesa Teacher 

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PTA Campaign Flyer - Vote for PTA!!!!

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