A Few of Our Supporters!

Here are a few of our supporters:

In my ten years as a teacher at Silver Mesa, I have always felt the support of the PTA in our school. We can always count on them to support the teachers in anything we need and often they go above and beyond our expectations. We know that we will always have great meals during parent teacher conferences. They use their earnings from the book fair to get books in the classrooms and library. We have parents willing to give of their time and talents to teach Masterpiece Art and other activities in the classroom. We know we can count on our room moms to plan amazing parties and just let us sit back and enjoy. Teacher appreciation week and other monthly treats show us that we are appreciated. PTA has always been there for the teachers of Silver Mesa.

PTA is first and foremost about the kids. I see the effect they have on the students all the time. The Reflections program, the Box Top prizes, the bike rodeos, carnivals, Red Ribbon Week and a million other activities that are aimed at giving back to the students and making their experience at Silver Mesa the best possible. These are some of the memories of elementary school that these students will hold onto for the rest of their lives. I know our students have benefited from PTA for more things than they even know.

For me, PTA is all about support. I know they support the teachers and they support the staff and they support the students most of all. I know that these parents and leaders are only a phone call or email away and will jump at the chance to help out. I have called on them on a number of occasions to plan parties, activities or help out at a moment's notice and have yet to be disappointed. I believe in PTA and the support they receive from a state and national organization. It's important to have those resources at hand to call upon when the need arises. I love having a supportive principal to listen to me when I have a question and I know she has had to call on her superiors before to get answers for some of them. It's nice to know she has those resources at hand. PTA is the same thing. They know that if they need to get support from outside the school, it is there for them. I truly believe it takes a village and more to teach and raise kids. It's nice to know that our students and teachers have a national organization that is looking out for them. I support PTA and all that it stands for. ”
Mr. Nelson, Silver Mesa Teacher 

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" I served as PTA president a few years ago. The help and support we received from the Regional PTA and State PTA were invaluable. They were able to answer questions that arose at different times during the year. They held training meetings on a regular basis for all of the major positions from Secretary to President.

I can't imagine trying to handle the financial aspects without their support and training. They kept us aware of changes happening at the State Legislature and the ways they would affect us, as well as what we needed to do to remain in compliance with the ever changing State Laws. One thing in particular the year I was president was that the legislature increased the amount of required insurance. The state PTA was able to quickly pass down the information and assist us in working with the insurance agencies to remain in compliance. They kept us abreast of issues of interest to the children and families of the school and the ways we could make our voices and opinions be heard.

It was such a relief knowing who to go to if I had ANY question, no matter how small, and that they were there to help and support us in any way possible. I saw issues come up that needed to be moved up the chain of command it was helpful to have people higher up and out of the emotions of the situation to help resolve those issues in a peaceful and unbiased manner. I can't imagine giving up this help and support. It was invaluable to the leadership on a local level.

I am thankful to be part of a larger PTA family where we can help and share ideas with each other. I believe everyone wants what is best for the children. That is what PTA is all about. Banding together to make our voices and efforts stronger than the individual. "
Heidi Vincent, Silver Mesa parent and past PTA President

"I have supported the PTA both as a parent and school counselor. I appreciate the consistency and organized manner in which the PTA runs. More importantly, the PTA organization also follows education related bills in the Utah State Legislature and is a strong advocate for teachers, parents, and most importantly, our children."
Whitney Boyer, Silver Mesa parent

I love the opportunities that the PTA affords our students at Silver Mesa! Our students get to take part in Reflections at both local and regional levels which is motivating to many of our students. PTA also provides many training opportunities for PTA leaders that are high quality which includes procedural safeguards for financial management and this is important. We also need advocacy for students at the State level and having a PTA provides this avenue for our PTA leadership and members. I do not mind paying an extra $5 per year for the tremendous amount of resources our PTA receives. It's worth it!”
Jessica Vidal, Silver Mesa parent

Having been a member of Silver Mesa PTA for nine years, I've seen situations where having the support of regional PTA leaders has been critical in resolving certain issues.”
Mikel Anger, Silver Mesa parent

PTA? or PTO? That is the question. . . . . I choose to Stay with PTA at Silver Mesa Elementary. I've enjoyed working in the PTA for over 15 years across the country. I believe PTA and PTO are both great organizations to support our kids in school, but right now right here, PTA is in place and the way to go. Although there are ups and downs in both, the ups outweigh the downs for me with PTA. The local leadership support is a great asset. I feel my dues are well distributed - it's like buying Girl Scout cookies; a small donation for a sweet treat. The PTA framework makes year to year transitions a breeze. From my own experiences, the checks and balances in PTA - although at times annoying - are in the long run beneficial to maintain order and resolve conflict. We are fortunate to have so many great people willing to volunteer. Let's stay together and stay with PTA. ”
Margo Robins, Silver Mesa parent

"While I am tremendously grateful for the training and support and oversight PTA provides and love having people there to answer questions when needed, what I love most about PTA is that it is all about the children. For the mere $5 I paid to join PTA, I belong to an association that works tirelessly in causes that benefit children at our school, in our state and in the nation.

Because of the collective voice of PTA members, children have the school lunch program, are required to get immunizations, enjoy a focus on the arts in education, have kindergarten classes and receive resources and benefits if they have special needs.

Thanks to Utah PTA we have a huge group of volunteers who constantly advocate for children, families and education-related issues. PTA volunteers serve on numerous councils and committees in the state that work to benefit Utah's children (anti-bullying, child abuse and neglect and headstart committees to name just a few). Because Utah PTA has so many members, we have a large and persuasive voice in both state and national issues that arise. All that PTA does positively impacts not only our Silver Mesa students but children across the state and nation.

I am grateful I can belong to a group whose focus is on families, teachers and children everywhere. I don't volunteer at Silver Mesa to only help my child. I volunteer to help make it a better place for all our children. I belong to PTA because I not only care about my child and the Silver Mesa children having a better education, but because I think all children everywhere deserve to have parents and volunteers advocating for them. If I can do this by paying a nominal membership fee I am more than happy to do that because I see the benefits our school, teachers and children receive as a result of the good PTA can and does accomplish with its collective voice. This is why I vote for and am grateful to be a part of PTA."
               Stephanie Pursglove, Silver Mesa PTA President

Stephen and I have 3 kids currently at Silver Mesa and 2 more coming in the next two years. We've been at the school for 5 years now and our PTA experience has been wonderful! Every president has been approachable and available as well as incredibly organized and visionary. The organization itself is so well run from top to bottom and we think that that comes from a tried and true, time tested association that is based on children's needs and committed to supporting teachers and schools. We couldn't be happier with the current administration - their tireless efforts have offered so many fun activities this year already! Bike Rodeo, outdoor movies, math contests, fundraisers, science fair, book fair and much, much more. They've been exceptional!"
               Erica and Stephen van Dijk, Silver Mesa parents

I have been a member of the PTA since 2002. It is a tremendous organization that supports teachers and gives parents the opportunity to really be involved in and add to their kids educational experience. I have been on the board several times and held almost every non board position. The activities the PTA sponsors and puts on are amazing! The amount of time and funding it takes to do the parties, carnivals, family nights, red ribbon week, field trips, reflections, teacher appreciation, book fair, birthdays and all the other activities is tremendous.

If we went to a PTO, reflections would stop with our school. There would be no region and state competitions. There would be no corporate discounts given to members for belonging to such a large organization. There would be no training for incoming PTA officers. There would be no liaison with the State Legislature. I hope that you will vote to stay with the PTA!"
       Jennifer Stout, Long-time PTA Parent and Silver Mesa Staff

I love the PTA! We're really lucky to have such great parents who donate their time to make it such a success for our school and most importantly our kids.”
               Lindsey Christiansen, Silver Mesa parent

"PTA has been such a wonderful resource for me. I don't have to create any activities from scratch or research how to legally put on a fun program for the kids. Because that solid foundation is already laid, the red tape is taken care of so I can maximize my volunteer time to be all for the kids."
               Crystal Zank, Silver Mesa parent

“I have been a member of PTA for the past 17 years. My daughter is now a Senior in High School. When she was in First Grade I was able to be the Secretary of the PTA, working with other volunteers and mothers for the benefit of our children. At this time I did learn where the $5.00 membership money went and how it was used. Since then I have paid those membership dues to my children’s schools and to the school where I am employed. I had the privilege of going to a PTA conference that was full of great information and insight for me.

I love the PTA organization because of the people I have worked with—both for my children and for the children at my school.

The PTA funds so many wonderful things at our school through parent donations. Every child (no matter if you are a PTA member or contributed to the fund raiser) benefits from the money PTA raises. The field trips are solely paid for by the PTA donations along with many other things.

Through my 6 years at Silver Mesa I have never had a PTA organization fail in supporting and sustaining our school. Every year has been a joy to work with them. My vote will be for PTA because I have always been a supporter of this organization. No matter the outcome of this vote I will support the organization that supports these children. They are what matter, every one of them.”
               Lisa Repp, Silver Mesa staff member

Mrs. Humphries, Silver Mesa teacher
Mrs. Montierth (formerly Mrs. McDonald), Silver Mesa teacher
Mrs. Brown, Silver Mesa teacher
Valerie Garff, Silver Mesa staff member
Joyce Petrucci, Silver Mesa staff member
Richelle Gutierrez, Silver Mesa parent
Candace Johnson, Silver Mesa PTA President-Elect
Jessica Vidal, Silver Mesa parent
John Pursglove, Silver Mesa SCC Chairman
Renee Brown, Silver Mesa parent
Tamara Farnell, Silver Mesa parent
Amy Talbot, Silver Mesa parent
Karen Conder, Silver Mesa PTA Board Member
Robin Cecil, Silver Mesa parent
Burgundy Perkins, Silver Mesa parent 
Martha Baumgarten, Silver Mesa parent 
Kristy West, Silver Mesa parent 

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