About PTA

We have created a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions page which explains the role of PTA at Silver Mesa as well as answering lots of questions that you may have concerning PTA and the role that the association plays in your children's lives!

Additionally, we have compiled a list of great articles below that you may find pertinent and interesting where PTA is concerned. 

As always, if you have any additional questions, please contact us and we will respond!

Article outlining why we love having a PTA at Silver Mesa

An open letter, written by a Silver Mesa parent, who explains why she supports Silver Mesa PTA

Article by LeAnn Wood

Article explaining how PTA membership dues help Utah schools 

Article outlining the many 'voices' that Utah PTA has and details the various committees and councils that Utah PTA participates in within Utah.

Official Silver Mesa PTA campaign flyer

Letter explaining Silver Mesa PTA's position as it relates to the challenge by a group of parents attempting to change the official parent teacher organization at Silver Mesa.

Poster showing what National PTA's collective voice can accomplish

Poster showing the many benefits that PTA provides, all for the price of a $5 pizza!

Poster seeking support for Silver Mesa PTA

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