Listen! to the Music Program

Masterpiece Music's "Listen! to the Music" is our music program introduced to Silver Mesa in 2015 and is taught in all grades (Kindergarten through 6th).

The program is taught every other month in conjunction with Masterpiece Art. The goals of the program are to:

  • Introduce students to the joy of listening to music (instrumental, vocal, classical, contemporary, etc.)
  • Introduce various instrument families to students. Allow students to hear instruments from each of these families.

  • Provide listening activities that allow students to hear music examples of each family.
  • Provide listening activities that allow students to identify what instruments they hear.
  •  Introduce students to a myriad of composers.

The curriculum for each grade is provided below, along with links whereby you may download the music assoicated with each lesson.

There are three links assoicated with each grade:

1. Link pointing to: PDF version of the lesson plan (activities, questions, music list, etc.)

2. Link pointing to: CD track list associated with each lesson plan.

3. Link pointing to: Downloadable music files associated with each lesson plan.

IMPORTANT: Many of the files have no name other than "track 1, track 2, etc.," and consequently you need to view the associated CD track list mentioned in #2 above!

  • Sixth Grade: Music Track List 
  • Sixth Grade: Music Files 
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